Preparation for Biology Equivalency

astar equivalency

1. Revision Materials

You can easily purchase the recommended materials for the Biology Equivalency exam online by inserting the ISBN number below into Google or your preferred web browser. The book is inexpensive and essential to your successful preparation for the exam.

Additional Online Revision Resources are Listed Below

We advise all candidates to attend at least one revision class prior to sitting this Biology Language AQA exam.

astar equivalency

2. Exam Information & Dates

Exam Dates For General Science and Biology Equivalency

25th Apr 2018 23rd May 2018 27th Jun 2018 25th Jul 2018 , 1st August 201822nd Aug 2018 19th Sep 2018 17th Oct 2018 21st Nov 2018 12th Dec 2018 

The Biology Equivalency Exam is two hours long

Exam Content
Please click the link below to download full details of the course syllabus and the topics included:

Biology Equivalency Syllabus Guide

Exam Location
Islington Arts and Media School (IAMS)
Turle Road
N4 3LS

Please be advised that you are not permitted onto the school site until 5.30pm on the day of the exam.

The Day of the Exam
Photo ID must be presented before gaining access to the examination room.

Please email should you require any further information regarding any aspect of the course content, dates or location.

astar equivalency

3. Examination Grades

Your results are sent to you via email within fifteen days of completing the exam. We will also send you an official A* Star Equivalency certificate, which includes a anti-fraud personalised encryption code directly linked to your results.

The vast majority of training providers accept the certificate and the Biology Equivalency qualification, but we recommend that you check as to their specific requirements in advance.



 Grade A*

102 /120 (85%)

 Grade A

90/120 (75%)

 Grade B

78/120 (65%)

 Grade C

66/120 (55%)

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